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Apartment in Paris for rent / Zimmer in Paris zu vermieten

Mathematische Tastatur / keyboard layout for mathematics

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Apartment in Paris
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You'll find lots of pictures from the years 1998 to 2003 when I was living in Nicaragua. There is also some information about the situation of the children of Nicaragua. Yo vivía casi seis años en Nicaragua, entre 1998 y 2003. Hay un montón de imágenes de este lindo país y informaciones sobre la situación de los niños y las niñas de Nicaragua.




I spent only one year in Kenya, from August 2003 to July 2004. Not very much for this beautiful country and its nice people. Here, you can find some pictures which I took in those months. Niliishi Kenya kwa muda wa mwaka mmoja tu kutoka Agosti 2003 hadi Julai 2004. Sio muda wa kutosha wa kuiona nchi hii nzuri na watu wake wazuri. Hapa utapata picha nilizopiga wakati huo wote.



Here, you'll find a selection of pictures of the Philippines, including many of Manila, which I have taken since I came here in 2004. Makikita nyo dito ang mga piling litrato tungkol sa Pilipinas, na kinuha ko dito mula noong dumating ako dito noon 2004.

Auf Deutsch

Seiten auf Deutsch


Auf Deutsch gibt's ältere Berichte aus Indien und Honduras, Texte über Pidgins und Kreolisch, den jüdischen Witz, Büchners Lenz, sowie für Lehrer: Optik mit der QED von Richard Feynman, sowie über das babylonische Keilschrift - Sexagesimal - System (60er System). Alles eigentlich nichts Besonderes, aber die Texte werden, warum auch immer, ziemlich häufig abgerufen.


October 1991 - June 1992: (Congo-Cabinda (Angola)-Kenya-Tanzania-Burundi-Ruanda-La Réunion-India (Andrah Pradesh-Tamil Nadu-Kerala-Goa-Mumbay-Delhi-Agra-Nainital-Himalaya). Scanned from diapositives/slides.
Yap and Saipan 2005 (Micronesia)
Macau 2005 (former Portuguese colony, China)
Timor Leste 2005 (East Timor)
Myanmar or Burma 2006 (Yangon, Chaung Tha beach)
Japan 2007 (Fukuoka, Kyoto, Tokyo)
Brasil Bolivia HongKong 2010
(Brasilia-Amazonia-Rio-La Paz etc.)
Biblical Christmas with Oraon People 2011 (Jharkand/India)
Kenya 2012
(South Horr, North Horr, Lake Turkana, Samburu)

Pictures of a
Tornado / Twister

Lake Managua, 1999

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