That's me in Nicaragua. A physicist by profession, I'm teaching math and science to young people in tropical countries. I loved my time in Paris at UNESCO though and Paris has become my patria universal. I'm taken to the flair of former Portuguese colonies: Angola, Macao, Goa, Malakka... and one day I must see São Tomé. My music ranges from Oregon, Tori Amos and Electronica to ancient music, Bach & Satie. I had the chance to live five years in Nicaragua and then in Kenya, only one year, but that was enough to make Africa a part of me. I'm currently living in the Philippines, after a short year in Seoul, Korea. Philippines has wonderful people and I might end up here for good.

The following map is somehow misleading. If you take Alaska for example,
where I've never been, still belonging to the U.S. Or Canada, where I only
spent an afternoon to have an Indian curry in Windsor.
Stopovers are not included though.

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